Jan 282015

Masculine Samuel Colt fucks the cum out of Tyler Saint in Job Gone Sour at Jimmyzproductions


It’s not a new one but a vintage scene I’ve watched many times. Watch two masculine legendary stars Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint have passionate sex before Samuel fucks the cum out of Tyler.

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Sep 142012

masculine Daddy Samuel Colt & muscle jock Alex Graham Flip-Flop at Dominicford 01


Once in a while a pairing comes along that you know will just be magic. As soon as the cameras started rolling, I knew this scene between Samuel Colt and Alex Graham was going to be amazing, and it is. I can’t remember another time when two guys were so into each other, or the bottom was so longing to get pounded hard

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Sep 072012

Muscle Daddy Samuel Colt Fucks young Gabriel Louis at Jakecruise 01


Muscle daddy Samuel Colt comes home bearing gifts: a Fleshjack and a butt plug. He finds his young lover, Gabriel Louis, diligently poring over his textbooks, busy studying for his upcoming exam. Samuel empties the bag containing the gifts unto the bed and Gabriel asks, “What are those?” “You’ll find out,” replies Samuel as he pulls out his hard cock…

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