Sep 142012

masculine Daddy Samuel Colt & muscle jock Alex Graham Flip-Flop at Dominicford 01


Once in a while a pairing comes along that you know will just be magic. As soon as the cameras started rolling, I knew this scene between Samuel Colt and Alex Graham was going to be amazing, and it is. I can’t remember another time when two guys were so into each other, or the bottom was so longing to get pounded hard

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Aug 312012

Muscled Alex Graham Pounds handsome blonde Gavin Waters at Dominicford 01


Alex Graham is new to, and loves muscled blond boys. Who better to pair him up with than hottie Gavin Waters? In this scene, Alex goes up to the bar and orders something special only Gavin can supply. What does he order, and how does Gavin give it to him? Well, it must have been something good, because pretty soon they are sucking and fucking each other like it was the last night of the world!

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