May 232020

Rugged straight dude Brooks Thor, All-American Lumberjack Derek and Italian muscle jock Tony get naked and jerk off


Here are two hot solos starring Rugged straight dude Brooks Thor, All-American Lumberjack Derek and Italian muscle jock Tony. Watch these hot young men show off their naked bodies before they shoot their creamy loads.

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Mar 012020

Handsome straight jock Derek (aka Will at Corbinfisher) and masculine bearded stud Josh jerk off in the woods at Theguysite


Here are two hot solos starring handsome straight muscle jock Derek (aka Will at Corbinfisher) and Josh. Derek has a naked run before he has a hands free orgasm. Sexy bearded stud Josh shows off his fit naked body before he jerks off in the woods.

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Mar 262019

Hot newcomer, personal trainer and stripper Derek slowly sucked and wanked at Slowteasinghandjobs


Hot newcomer, straight personal trainer and male stripper Derek gets serviced by a guy for the first time on camera. Watch master Rich slowly suck and stroke Derek’s cock until he milks the cum out of Derek’s hard boner.

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Dec 262018

Hot bearded straight muscle hunk Derek and Ivan Rojack get naked and jerk off


Today, I bring you two manly, bearded straight muscle hunks – beefcake Derek at Islandstuds and muscle daddy Ivan Rojack from Theguysite. Watch Derek and Ivan show off their naked muscular bodies, piss and jerk off for your pleasure.

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Mar 122018

Businessman Drew Du Plessis and his bodyguard Branislav dominated and humiliated in Deadline at Cmnm


In this master slave theme, businessman Drew Du Plessis and his bodyguard Branislav get humiliated and dominated by creepy Adrian and his cohort Derek. Watch Branislav get finger fucked and jerked until he blows his load on his boss’ face.

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Nov 242017

Handsome young Master Derek fucks a feeble sub in the cell in Session 392 at Brutaltops


Tough, handsome young master Derek continues to humiliate and dominate the chubby sub in this prison theme. Watch Derek face fuck the sub down the throat and slam fucks the sub’s meaty ass until he has the sub eat his hot load.

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Nov 142017

Tough straight jock, master Derek humiliates and dominates a chubby sub in Session 389 at Brutaltops


Hot blond straight jock, tough young master Derek returns to cause some serious damage to a pathetic sub. Watch the sub lick Derek’s smelly armpits, suck his dick and stinky feet beofore he licks Derek’s stinky’s manhole.

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Oct 092017

Hot straight jock Derek gets gangbanged by Simon, Adrian and Dave in the Locker Room at Cmnm


It’s a hot gangbang scene at Cmnm. Watch straight guy Derek get fucked by his classmates Simon and Fred with two perverted head masters Adrian and Dave before they humiliate Derek by shooting two creamy loads on his face.

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Mar 152017

Danny Luca and Clay bareback Link and Derek in Testing Out Two New Bitches at Raunchybastards


Straight dudes Link and Derek are 2 new bitches in the house. Daddy Clay and handsome inked jock Danny Luca take turns barebacking Link and Derek’s both holes. Watch Danny fuck the cum out of Link before Clay gives Derek a hot facial.

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Feb 222017

Cocky straight sporty teacher Mr Bullock dominated, humiliated, ass fingered and jerked off at Cmnm


It’s hot to see masculine straight coach Mr Bullock dominated by PE teacher Mr West and Head Boy Derek. Watch two hot young men explore Bullock’s naked body and finger fuck Bullock’s virgin ass before they jerk Bullock off and have Bullock taste his own load.

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Feb 112017

Straight physical education teacher Mr West rimmed, ass fingered and jerked off by Mr Bullock and Derek at Cmnm


New PE teacher Mr West meets deputy headmaster Mr Bullock and head boy Derek in the locker room. Watch Bullock and Derek explore West’s naked body and finger fuck West’s tight virgin ass before they jerk West off and have West taste his own load.

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Dec 012016

Hot straight resident Derek gets his tight virgin ass popped up and seeded at Boyshalfwayhouse


It’s a nice to see hot new resident, straight jock Derek get his cherry popped up. Watch the house manager bareback Derek’s tight virgin ass before he seeds Derek’s worked hole.

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Oct 202016

Masculine bodybuilder Brad gets humiliated, ass dildo fucked and jerked off by three creepy masters at Cmnm


Big bodybuilder Brad is in a financial trouble and needs cash that creepy masters Adrian, Dave and Derek could give him. Watch they control and humiliate Brad, dildo fuck Brad’s tight virgin ass before they jerk Brad off.

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Sep 252016

Master Derek and Master Edward torment a feeble sub in Session 332 at Brutaltops


It’s a hot fetish scene starring two hot young vicious masters Derek and Edward. Watch they order a feeble to suck Edward’s hard dick and link clean Edward’s stinking manhole before Edward pisses into the sub’s mouth.

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