Jul 282017

Brad Barnes, Frey and Jacky's dress socks and bare feet at Myfriendsfeet


Today, I bring you three photo sessions of Frey, Brad Barnes and Jacky at Myfriendsfeet. Watch these hot straight guys show off their loafers, flip flops, dress socks and sexy bare feet for your pleasure.

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Jun 302017

Hot straight muscle jock Brad Barnes tied up and tickled at Myfriendsfeet


It’s nice to see hot beefy straight hunk Brad Barnes is back to MFF tickle table. Watch Dev and another master tickle Brad’s dressed cocks, bare feet and muscular body with hands and tickle toys until they get this big guy go crazy.

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Jul 102013

Hot muscle hunks Braden Charon and Brad Barnes jack off in Pro Bros at Theguysite


Two hot muscle hunks Braden Charon and Brad Barnes have a jacking off show together at Theguysite. Watch they show off their hot bubble asses and upload their white jizz almost at the same time.

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Aug 272012

muscle hunk Brad Barnes jerking off at Randyblue 01


What could be hotter than a big hunk of smooth muscle like Brad Barnes working himself up to a sweat while jerking his hard throbbing cock. How about two hunks of muscle, each getting off on the sight of the other getting off on themselves. Brad loves jerking off and working his hot body into a sexual frenzy but it is so much sexier when he is being watched…

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