Jul 282017

Brad Barnes, Frey and Jacky's dress socks and bare feet at Myfriendsfeet


Today, I bring you three photo sessions of Frey, Brad Barnes and Jacky at Myfriendsfeet. Watch these hot straight guys show off their loafers, flip flops, dress socks and sexy bare feet for your pleasure.

Download The Full Gallery – Frey, Brad Barnes and Jacky’s Hot Feet


Frey's size 12 slip on loafers and bare feet at Myfriendsfeet


Frey is a hot straight ginger hunk with a great smile, solid muscular body and size 12 feet. Frey shows up wearing only a pair of slip-on loafers with no socks on. Watch Frey show off his muscle body and masculine bare feet in this photo set.

Download The Full Gallery – Frey’s Loafers and Size 12 Bare Feet


Brad Barnes' size 9.5 flip flops and feet at Myfriendsfeet


Brad Barnes, one of most popular models at Myfriendsfeet, is back for another hot photo session. Brad shows up in flip flops. Brad is always smiling, especially whenever he poses for the cameraman. Brad’s tanned muscle body and bare feet look so sexy.

Download The Full Gallery – Brad Barnes’ Flip Flops and Bare Feet


Jacky's dress socks and bare feet at Myfriendsfeet


Real estate agent Jacky is a handsome businessman who is also a fan of Myfriendsfeet. Jacky looks hot as hell in suits, with a big smile on the face. Watch Jacky take off his black dress socks and show off his masculine bare feet.

Download The Full Gallery – Businessman Jacky’s Dress Socks and Bare Feet


  3 Comments to “Myfriendsfeet – Frey, Brad Barnes and Jacky – Hot Guys Hot Feet”

  1. Brad is fucking hot! Has he ever done a guy/guy scene before?

  2. All three guys are hot in different ways — but feet do nothing for me. Brad fingered himself at Randy Blue several years ago — and it was a hot scene!

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