Aug 292021

Cute twinks Chase Williams, Garrett Kinsley and Silas Brooks (aka Baconator) bareback each other in Silas' bottoming debut in Beach Bums Florida Part Four at Helixstudios


Finally, porn star Silas Brooks (aka Baconator) gets fucked for the first time on camera. Watch Chase Williams, Garrett Kinsley and Silas take turns barebacking each other in a raw threeway before Chase fucks the cum out of Garrett.

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Aug 242021

Aaron Kicks, Aaron London, Aiden Langston, Grey Gold, Hayden Rose, Jesse Stone, Ormando De Armas, Rick Hazardd, Sterling, Trent Marks, Trevor Ridge, Tyler Slaytor at Sketchysex


It’s been a year since I created a model list of Sketchysex actors in 2020. Now it’s time to bring you a new cast list of 25 hot sketchy dudes. Their sex roles are also categorized into top and versatile/bottom. Enjoy!

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