Mar 192014

Donato Reyes Fucks hot muscle jock Milos Zambo & Mattias Solich in The Secret Gift Chapter 4 at kristenbjorn


I love this scene because of two hot muscle jocks Milos Zambo & Mattias Solich. Watch Milos and Mattias flip-fuck before Donato Reyes fucks them back and forth.

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Aug 242012

hunky Tomas Kukal flip-flop bareback Milos Zambo at Williamhiggins 01


Tomas Kukal and Milos Zambo are both fitness fanatics so it is opportune when they meet in the park. Milos is roller blading as Tomas is doing some lift ups. As Milos approaches Tomas asks for some help with the lift ups, and Milos says he wants to do some too. So they takes turns, and help each other…

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