May 102021

Alex Chandler, Grayson Lange, Holt Wood, Jim Nasty, Johnny Cheeks, Josh Cannon, Justin Case, Justin Zayne, Nasty Nik, Shawn Skyler, Tony Hawg, Tyler Slater, Zach Murphy in Slamrush Model List Part 01 at Slamrush


It had been over 2 years since Slamrush was launched in 2019. It’s time to create a cast list of 32 new Slamrush models. I also list their aliases, so you know who they are. And their sex roles are categorized into top and versatile/bottom. Enjoy!

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Jul 092018

Hot male strippers Brian, Darcy and Jeremy get naked and jerk off in Strip Club at Realitydudes


Today, I bring you three sexy male strippers from Realitydudes. Watch handsome blond stud Brian, chiseled muscle hunk Darcy and masculine beefcake Jeremy have a hot naked pole dance before they shoot their creamy loads.

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Nov 052017

Morgan Blake fucks Jeremy in a public bathroom in Dudes In Pubilc 12 - Understall at Realitydudes


It’s great to see construction worker, beefcake Jeremy push his limits and get fucked for the first time on camera. Watch inked muscle hunk Morgan Blake fuck Jeremy in a public bathroom until they blow their hot loads.

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Dec 062016

Hot muscled studs Daniel Kanon, Jeremy and Marco Mann Jerk Off


Today, I bring you three gorgeous muscled studs Daniel Kanon, Jeremy and Marco Mann. Watch these hot guys show off their naked ripped bodies before they shoot their hot loads for your pleasure.

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