Sep 252012

Muscled Caleb Strong Fucks handsome Dean Carlson at Randyblue


Caleb Strong and Dean Carlson admitted to fooling around before this video even got started. But that should not surprise anyone. Everyone knows what a little horn dog Caleb is. His videos always prove how much he loves sex. Dean starts out a little on the bashful side, looking almost unsure of what he is about to get himself into. But that only lasts for as long as it takes Caleb to ram that rigid dick between his hungry lips

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Aug 262012

Sexy Spencer Jones fucks handsome Dean Carlson's virgin ass at Randyblue 01


Handsome new comer Dean Carlson gets his cherry popped up for the first time under camera by sexy Spencer Jones. I like a few things in this video: 1) Both guys are good at kissing. Dean has kissable lips that you can kiss for the whole day. 2) Dean riding on Spencer’s big dick in reverse cowgirl is really hot. 3) Spencer fucks the thick load out of Dean and then gives Dean a hot cum facial. A nice update from Randyblue recently.

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