May 032013

Cody Cummings' best ass hole action in Aiming to Please at Codycummings


Normally I don’t introduce scenes at Codycummings because they are all similar. Even though Cody is super hot, people are tired of watching his solo or teasing hardcore. But this one is different. Cody has a nice butthole action while shooting his load. It’s hot as hell to watch Cody’s ass hole shrinking and expanding when he cums.

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Aug 162012

Cody, love or hate, solo jerking off at Codycummings 01


In Cody Cummings’ new solo video – Cool Cummings, Cody wears a black T-shirt “I love Haters”. I am not sure Cody likes showing his tolerance or just looking for a fight. There are always controversies about Cody’s video. So what’s your opinion?

Cody Cummings - Love or Hate him?

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Aug 122012


Everyone knows Cody Cummings is a straight. But he breaks his limit step by step for gay fans. We already saw Cody kissed a man and had a butt plug up his straight ass. Now this is the first time I see Cody Cummings do a helping hand for another guy. Donny Wright is lucky to release his load at Cody’s hand. Hopefully we have more surprises from Cody in the future. Who knows. 😀

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