May 262023

Straight muscle hunk Al Longside gets sucked, teased and jerked off by Rich in Slow Suck and Stroke at Slow Teasing Handjobs


Masculine, inked straight man Al (aka Al Longside) is back for a new edge session. Watch master Rich suck, tease and egde Al’s cock before Al gets his creamy load milked out of his hard boner in an intense oragsm.

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Sep 052022

Macho straight guy Al gets sucked and jerked off by a man for the first time in Al's Sensitive Balls at Slow Teasing Handjobs


Masculine straight hunk, new G4P model Al gets serviced by a man for the first time on camera. Watch master Rich slowly tease, suck and stroke Al’s cock until he milks the jizz out of Al’s hard cock.

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Sep 112016

Hot blue-collar straight beefy stud Al gets serviced at Like-em-straight


Handsome straight stud Al gets serviced by a guy for the first time. Watch Brendon Marley deep-throat Al’s dick before he jerks the cum out of Al’s hard boner. It’s also nice to see Al suck dick for the first time.

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