Jan 202013

Masculine straight Paddy O'Brian Fucks big-dicked Jonathan Agassi at Lucasentertainment


Paddy O’Brian and Jonathan Agassi are trying to fix up an old warehouse. They take a break to rest their big sweaty muscles. Jonathan can’t keep his eyes off Paddy’s aroused crotch, and moves his hand over the bulge before pulling it out and swallowing the big fat cock.


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Sep 162012

masculine beefy Jessy Ares Fucks bearded Jonathan Agassi at Lucasentertainment


It’s been six years of ups and downs, but Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares want to make it work. They decide to vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos for a getaway that will give them the time and atmosphere needed to work on repairing their relationship. Jessy remembers the first time the met as they’re walking down the sunny streets. Jonathan pins Jessy against the wall where they smash their lips together


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Aug 252012

Edji Da Silva plows, pisses and stuffs Jonathan Agassi at Lucasraunch 01


Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and hanged suspended after sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, who releases Jonathan after he’s finished pissing on himself through his shorts. Edji takes Jonathan inside, where they both get even more soaked together: their bodies are glistening in fluid, making them two of the biggest sex pigs ever seen on LucasRaunch


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