Aug 132012

Victor Wolf solo 01 at Circlejerkboys


Today on we have new comer Victor Wolf. Victor is getting up and recovering from an unsuccessful night out on the town. Turns out his balls are sore from a mad case of blue balls after a promising 3-way went south. He gets up, washes his face and shaves before landing on the couch with a growing problem…

Victor Wolf solo 02 at Circlejerkboys


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Luckily, this one will be easier to “handle” than the fiasco last night. Victor sits back as he slides his hand into his briefs that by now seem to be popping a tent. He slides them off to give his thick dick some much needed breathing room. Finally out, his cock gets rock hard as Victor lubes up his fuck stick and slides his spare hand just below his balls where he can tease his ass. He closes his eyes as he sighs with ecstasy as his middle finger slides inside his tight ass. His dick is rock hard by now as he slaps it up against his faint happy trail. Victor strokes his cock, toying with it as he continues to tease his bung hole. This str8 boy might be o! n to something… Hmmm.

On that note, Victor quietly lifts both legs up as he gives that ass center stage. He slides his middle finger into that hot hole and starts to finger fuck himself. His cock is throbbing and dripping in lube as our Latin hottie continues to “digit-ally” enhance his experience. He knows just how to find special spots to make his cock ooze. His smooth balls are getting pulled up tighter around the base of his cock as he gets closer to climax. He then lays back on the couch and goes to work giving that dick the attention it needs. Victor feels the familiar wave as he gasps seconds before his cock explodes. He pumps load after load of thick cum all over his navel. Victor finally gives his balls some much needed relief as his finger says its final goodbyes…for now.


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