Nov 032019

Cute blond lad bryant barebacks hot brunette dude John's tight bubble ass before he creampies John in A New World Chapter 1 The Stag at Growlboys


Fit dude Bryant meets cute brunette jock John in “A New World Chapter 1: The Stag”. Watch Bryant bareback John’s tight bubble ass until he nuts in John’s ass.

Both Bryant and John are hot young men from Growlboys. I am not sure if they have aliases at other studios. And I am also not sure if this is John’s bottoming debut. His hairy manhole looks so tight while being penetrated.

The two strip down before John sucks Bryant’s dick. Bryant then barebacks John’s super tight ass in doggy, missionary and sideway positions. Bryant moans loudly and shoots his load deep inside John before they share a final kiss.


Watch The Full Video – Bryant Creampies Cute Brunette Jock John


Cute blond lad bryant barebacks hot brunette dude John's tight bubble ass before he creampies John in A New World Chapter 1 The Stag at Growlboys 01


Watch The Full Video – Bryant Creampies Cute Brunette Jock John


  10 Comments to “Growlboys – Bryant Barebacks and Creampies Hot Jock John”

  1. They’re both hot. Is that a new site?

  2. This scene was first released about 5 years ago, and is another example of GrowlBoys recycling old scenes from MormonBoyz, now Missionary Boys.

    The dark and very handsome John played the role of Elder Hardt at MB. He appeared in at least 17 scenes there. He topped and bottomed numerous times, and all his fucking was bareback. I think this scene was his very first at MB. I’m not aware that he appeared in any other gay porn.

    Super Cute Bryant was Elder Miltmore at MB, appearing in 8 scenes. John/Elder Hardt bred him in a later scene. Other appearances included 2 scenes at Next Door as Colby Harris in 2014, and at RopedStuds and DreamboyBondage as Colby.

    This is a very enjoyable scene, and fortunately, I saved a copy.

    • I don’t remember where I read it from but someone led me to notice this about Elder harward too which confirmed my suspicion since I thought he retired ages ago. If it’s you thanks again! And Miltmore is super cute! I’ll revisit his scenes.

      On another note I remember really liking this kid in grey hoodie in the series Stray. He goes by Eddie there I think. Do you know who he is? Note marks over his nipple near the shoulder and a patch near his belly button. Did he do scenes on MB too?

      By the way, do you use twiiter? I’d love to follow you and if you don’t mind share some of your insights! Mine id is my user name.

      • or even better, his photo


        • I too have been mystified as to who Eddie is. I don’t recognize his body, which is surprising when you read the following. I have saved at least one photo for every one of the first 530 scenes released at Missionary Boys. For 380 of these I have the complete video. I’m pretty sure I have every Brandon Moore (Elder White) scene. None have Nelson, White and another young guy, as in your first photo. Your 2nd photo is definitely on one of the MB sets, and Eddie is being fucked by Oaks. Again I can find no trace of Oaks fucking someone who looks like Eddie.

          My suspicion is that some video material was filmed but never released at MB, and is now appearing at Growlboys.

          I don’t post to Twitter ever. I post here occasionally, and on a few others blogs, but usually only when I think I can add some useful information to a post. Always happy when someone finds my comments useful.

          BTW, not currently a member of either site.

          • I see, nvm then, no worries. Just thought I could chat and share some insights.

            Perhaps you’re right and it’s about a guy they don’t / can’t show his face, too bad. He looks hot and I think him getting the cum fucked out is great! Wish I could see his facial expression.

            Thanks for telling me about how you can be so sure. I found that site super hot at the beginning until they started bringing in some mainstream guys which reduces greatly the credibility of the actors being mb. I think I’ve been having a thing for them for a while.

            Have a good weekend!

          • On another note, do you have MB favorites? Guys who seem new to gay sex but totally getting off on it? I should pay some scenes a visit…

            • Lots of favourites, but unfortunately, MB seems a bit of a mess these days. If interested, send a follow request to your newest Twitter follower (look for grumpy cat image). I’ll need to approve it.

  3. Thanks for info.

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