Jul 142018

Daxx Carter (aka Buck Carter) barebacks inked hairy muscle bear Jack in Southworld at Theguysite


It’s a hot scene for muscle bear lovers. Watch inked muscle hunk Daxx Carter bareback sexy fuzzy beefcake Jack’s bubble ass before he fucks the cum out of Jack.

This is Jack’s third bottoming scene at Theguysite. Newcomer Daxx is aka Buck Carter at Gayhoopla. Daxx and Jack are a nice pairing. Both guys are masculine, sexy and beefy. It’s hot to see these two sexy cowboys walk through the woods naked.

Jack also kisses a guy for the first time on camera. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks outdoors before they head back to the hotel. Daxx then barebacks Jack’s hairy ass in missionary, doggy and cowboy style.

Moments later, Daxx pounds Jack in missionary again until he fucks the cum out of Jack. Daxx then jerks off and shoots his hot load on Jack’s hairy body.


Watch The Full Video – Daxx Carter Fucks the Cum out of Jack


Daxx Carter (aka Buck Carter) barebacks inked hairy muscle bear Jack in Southworld at Theguysite 01


Watch The Full Video – Daxx Carter Fucks the Cum out of Jack


  7 Comments to “Theguysite – Daxx Carter Barebacks Inked Hairy Beefcake Jack”

  1. Nice!
    Jack is one of hottest muscle bottoms this year. I hope he did not shave his face. His beard fits him well. And he needs a better haircut.

  2. +++ Hot

  3. Is this the first time Daxx/Buck Carter shot a bareback scene?

  4. I need blake to be bottom soon

  5. Can someone tell me what happened to the guy site? It’s not there anymore? And hasn’t been for a week.

    • They upgraded the system.
      Clear your web browser’s cache and reopen it. I can visit without any issue.

  6. Would love to rim these guys for days. Glorious ring for tongue mapping. Securely ensconced within meaty thigh and glute pillars. The smell and feel of well constructed ass is like huffing poppers and ecstasy and jock sweat at once. The taste of man flesh, musky and salty-sweet. I can’t get enough. I suck and prod to leverage a wider and slicker passage for a dick I likewise lube with generous spit and low moans. I stroke myself while awaiting the carnal fucking that will remake this bottom’s opening into an offering. When the top has satisfied himself with sweat and groans and spit soaking skin and hair. Raw sex unrepentant anal humping, aromatic sodomy appealing to dogs and horned up faggots, with more muscle than discretion or condoms. There will be a seeding, a breeding. And when the semen is all spent, I will taste this mew ass, first upon the slick, glistenef cock. I drain it of jizz and swallow the shaft deep, tongueimg it clean. The top is thankful and he kisses deeply, lips and tongue drenched with dick and ass, come and lube. Felching reveals a microcosm of sex and the fluid conditions that define it. More is to be revealed. My mouth waters as I dive into the bruised ring. Pleasure and pain relaxed the taut valley. Pearls of come are mine, and where they end, a well of milky ejaculate, pushed to the sphincter brink. I lap up the excess ass nectar, that inhale deep veins of come and man juices, the soft attentions of which cause the bottom to shudder and sigh. If he came before, he has come again. He uses a free hand to butter his crack with thick semen. He strokes his pummeled button, churning the waters of genital waste. I devour this feast upon its ass receptacle rhythmically, as the top reemerges, anew he fucks fresh man cunt, mine. He is 9 inches deep within me in rapid time. He fucks me with abandon. He saysy ass needs to be claimed. The fever pitch of his cock threading and rethreading a prostate leaves me out of breath, and engorged. My face is planted in ass crack which I tongue up and down while my whole body ebbs and flows with prodigious cock and balls. I want so badly to eat myself out when he comes. But more come manifests, as the dick from the chowed down ass now installs width and depth and a threat of being brutal about the fit. I’ll have come dripping out of me. I hope it tastes as pungent as the come from asses offerred up so far.

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