Dec 122016

Hot newcomers Arnie, Calvin and Lucas Garza blow their hot loads


Today, I am glad to introduce three hot newcomers Arnie, Calvin and Lucas Garza. Watch these sexy straight guys show off their naked bodies before they shoot their hot loads. And it’s good to know Arnie and Lucas will be back for the gay sex scene.


Hot masculine hunk Arnie blows two hot loads at Seancody


Hot muscle hunk Arnie is the newest Seancody model. Arnie is such a hot buff stud with his bearded macho look, gorgeous muscular body and a hot muscle ass. He is definitely a keeper I want to see more.

In his solo debut, Arnie plays with his hard cock until he shoots two sticky loads. And the great news is: Arnie will come back for a duo scene in which he will be paired with Dean. Can not wait!

Watch The Full Video – Sexy Buff Hunk Arnie Shoots Two Hot Loads


Masculine French-Canadian beefy stud Calvin shoots his creamy load at Theguysite


I introduced sexy French-Canadian muscle hunk Calvin at Maskurbate a few months ago. It’s great to see Calvin come back and shoot another hot solo at Theguysite. Watch Calvin show off his muscular naked body before he shoots his creamy load.

Watch The Full Video – Hot French-Canadian Muscle Hunk Calvin Wanks Off


Hot new muscle jock Lucas Garza jerks off at Gayhoopla


It is great to see fit straight muscle jock Lucas Garza break in porn and make his debut at Gayhoopla. Watch Lucas play with his uncut cock until he blows his hot load. And it’s good to know Lucas will top Forrest Marks in his first duo scene this Friday.

Watch The Full Video – Fit Straight Muscle Jock Lucas Garza Jerks Off


  6 Comments to “Arnie, Calvin, Lucas Garza – Hot Guys Shoot Their Hot Loads”

  1. Finally, some hot solo guys will come back for man on man sex. 🙂

    All three guys are hot in different ways. Calvin is my No.1

  2. Arnie got my points. beefy, sexy, masculine. SC needs more guys like him.

  3. Arnie got a lot of hate at another blog I frequent, but I think he’s very sexy– and I hope he will give up his ass –and not just pound other guys, but I’m also happy to see a solo guy in a real sex scene. Pretty sure Calvin has been around for a couple of years — and did some solos on a Canadian site. He needs some pubes though.

    • People that hate Arnie must be twink lovers who want SC become another helix studio.

      • They seem to love vanilla pretty boys on the bottom — though a few people share my wish to see Brody bottom again now that he has a dad bod. Arnie is a;good looking dude with a good body. I see tons of updates everyday where the models don’t have either of those attributes going for them!

  4. Arnie is hot. Ignore those haters.

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