Nov 242016

Big-dicked Jack Hunter flip-fucks hairy beefy stud Colby Jansen in Party On Part 1 at at Colbyscrew


It’s a hot scene fans are waiting for. Hot hairy beefy stud Colby Jansen takes Jack Hunter’s big dick up his big juicy ass. Watch Colby and Jack take turns pounding each other before Jack fucks the cum out of Colby.

It’s great to see muscle hunk Colby bottom at his new site Colbyscrew. Colby has bottomed a few times at, but this time Colby has to push his limits because Jack 8″ thick cock is a new challenge for him.

They kiss passionately as they strip each other bare. They take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Jack pounds Colby’s muscle butt in doggy style. Soon Colby returns the favor, fucking Jack in doggy and reverse cowgirl positions.

Then they switch the position again. Jack drills Colby in missionary style until he fucks the cum out of Colby. Jack pulls out, shooting a sticky load onto Colby’s hands and dick before they share a final kiss.


Watch The Full Video – Jack Hunter Flip-Fucks Muscle Hunk Colby Jansen

Big-dicked Jack Hunter flip-fucks hairy beefy stud Colby Jansen in Party On Part 1 at at Colbyscrew 01


Big-dicked Jack Hunter flip-fucks hairy beefy stud Colby Jansen in Party On Part 1 at at Colbyscrew 02


Watch The Full Video – Jack Hunter Flip-Fucks Muscle Hunk Colby Jansen


  8 Comments to “Colbyscrew – Jack Hunter Fucks the Cum out of Colby Jansen”

  1. Thanks for the introduction. Watching Colby cums as being fucked makes me so hard!

  2. 🙂 Oh, welcome back, my handsome dream hunk. 🙂 Top or bottom or both, you’ve been missed, buddy. I guess I don’t blame you wanting to call your own shots now, and you did give MEN 101 of their best clips. Good luck in the new venture. 🙂

  3. That gif with his big juicy ass getting drilled is a winner!

    • If he means to add more bottoming to his work, all the better the chances of his site thriving.

      Over four years and 101 MEN clips, Jansen only bottomed or flip-flopped* in six instances:

      Top To Bottom w/ Tommy Defendi, 10/25/13
      Scrum IV w/ Woody Fox, 4/03/14
      Tour Of Duty w/ Zeb Atlas, 8/02/14
      Son Swap I* w/ Dirk Caber, 8/08/14
      Fucking Myself* w/ Deviant Otter, 2/20/15 and
      Janitor’s Closet w/ Darin Silvers, 4/19/16

      Grateful 🙂 for them all ( and it’s six more than Jack King ever did!), but compared to other A-list contemporaries like Trenton Ducati or Landon Conrad, who matched such output in a year to 18 months, it’s still to the lean side. We’ll see.

    • I think Dirk topped him the best. Defenidi has a big dick, but he didn’t really pound Colby the way Dirk did! Colby really is a bit of a gentle top, but if you want to see Dirk get pounded — check out the scene he did with that Santoro dude (it was also a flip flop).

      I had hope that Tony Paradise would finally have a ‘crack’ at Colby’s ass when he returned, but after appearing on only one scene – he disappeared again.

      • Love discussing Jansen with another fan. 🙂

        All six rare scenes I would count indispensable to any Colby fan, but yes, there are differences. Tommy broke him in and did a fine job, and the first will always have status, but it could be improved upon, and it was.

        I would tie “Scrum IV” and “Son Swap I” as the best of this half dozen. There is very obvious warm rapport between Colby and Woody, and Colby and Dirk. I was thrilled when each came along and I can find fault with neither. Each outing found the positive vibes so consistent at Sean Cody, but only now and then at MEN. I love them.

        Coming in between those two was unfortunate for “Tour Of Duty.” Zeb Atlas has an unimpeachable body and a fantastic dick, but I’ve always thought he transmitted personality as flat as a dial tone. Nevertheless, Colby takes that formidable dick like a champ, in all positions. Any nervousness that might have shown with Tommy was gone.

        Despite having plenty of time to make up my mind, I can’t decide if I like Deviant Otter or not. But it’s a rare MEN clip that bothers with the imagination of having the two performers play the same character at different ages, and a decent scene resulted.

        And if Colby is never to return to MEN, his swansong bottoming with Darin Silvers has nothing to apologize for either.

  4. I find Colby hot only when he started his career @Men a few years back. Some fans still like him. But he is a bit out of shape, kinda bulky right now.

    • You’re right. His weight does fluctuate on him and when it’s creeping upward, doesn’t disguise easily. Before his exclusivity to MEN in mid-2012, there’s at least one “Unglory Hole” and one “Bait Bus” (with Ty Roderick) that he did, and he looks notably new and fresh in those. 🙂 Particularly now that he’s running his own productions, here’s hoping he takes care of himself.

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