May 232016

Elder Ence (aka Michael Delray) barebacks Elder Dudley at Mormonboyz


Big-dicked porn star Michael Delray joined Mormonboyz by name Elder Ence. Watch Ence bareback fans-favorite missionary Elder Dudley until he seeds Dudley’s worked hole.

I introduced Michael Delray at Guysinsweatpants last year (Check my post: Liam Cyber Barebacks Michael Delray). It’s hot as hell watching Ence stretch Dudley’s tight manhole with his thick raw cock.

This episode has two parts. In “Companionship Inventory”, Ence and Dudley make out and take turns blowing each other. In “Companionship Study”, Ence barebacks Dudley in doggy and missionary style.

Ence shoots his hot load onto Dudley before he breeds Dudley. In Dudley’s next chapter, he will go through a Priesthood Stretcher test with President Nelson and Oaks. I can not wait to see two hot daddies dominate this cute missionary.


Watch The Full Video – Big-dicked Elder Ence Barebacks Elder Dudley

Elder Ence (aka Michael Delray) barebacks Elder Dudley at Mormonboyz 01


Elder Ence (aka Michael Delray) barebacks Elder Dudley at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Big-dicked Elder Ence Barebacks Elder Dudley


  6 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Elder Ence (Michael Delray) Breeds Elder Dudley”

  1. “I can not wait to see two hot daddies dominate this cute missionary.”

    Really? They’ve done it before, and it probably won’t be the last time — because lately Mboys seems record a lot of scenes using the same performers in the same positions time after time – with only the background changing.

    Dudley is cute and not as scrawny as some of the recent performers, but the novelty of seeing him fucked is long over. If they aren’t going to have reciprocal sex between the dads and lads — they could at least work in more performers so it’s not the same guys being dominated and fucked weak after weak. I’d get tired of watching even the hottest men getting fucked week after week — but there is apparently no danger of any man getting fucked here any time soon (and no, I don’t consider most of the ‘elders’ to be men — such an ironic term.

    Okay, that’s enough bitching from me for a while. Will check back in later this Summer to see if see if the site is still in the same old rut it’s been in all year.

  2. Well, I have not been tired of watching Dudley’s scenes yet. 😀

    I had some conversation with the site owner of MBZ a few weeks ago. I told him some fans, including me, like to see the daddies on bottom.

    He told me he looked at the last survey they sent out. Turns out guys who bought MBZ membership overwhelmingly say they subscribe to watch the boys get fucked by the daddies. The option is something like “I subscribe to see the dads fuck the boys”. Of the 8 options to choose from, dads fucking each other was in last place, and boys fucking dads was second to last.

    And MBZ did have some negative reactions to the boy fucks dad content they had put online. Not so much that it won’t ever appear again, but it is not what most of their viewers are looking for. So MBZ will do it when there’s a dad on set who gets an itch up his ass that needs to be scratched with a big juicy boy dick. Otherwise, that’s not going to be MBZ’ focus.

    Here is my thought. I see MBZ do care what their members think and they want them to be happy. Since it’s impossible to satisfy all members, they choose to satisfy the majority of them, based on the survy they sent to the members. If more paid members tell the owner that they want to see daddies get fucked, I believe we will see more of daddy on bottom scenes. Market rules.

    • I had assumed as much — thanks for the feedback. I think there may be a loving younger factor there from older subscribers — and young subscribers who want to be dominated — and picture themselves in the scenes. It’s a shame that with all of the scenes they put out — people don’t welcome a variety of situations. My hope, I guess, would be a MormonDadz site — but it wouldn’t work if it was just well-known porn starts performing. And maybe that is too much of a niche. That’s one of the best things about the site– fresh faces. But damn, every time I see that site of Woodruff’s muscle ass as he pounds away on an elder, I can’t help but want to see if penetrated (and I’d love to be the one to do it).

      • Oh, and I only subscribe when a dad gets fucked — so if there is no survey that month — they won’t get any feedback from me. Hopefully, we’ll see a daddy get fucked before the Summer is over…

      • I have to edit out that ped* word from your post coz I don’t want those guys come to my blog by search engine…thanks

  3. Maybe my biggest complaint is missing the days when I was routinely engaging in this activity – ‘son’ or ‘daddy’ – instead of sitting in front of a computer gathering recordings of others having that fun. When I need an excuse for the size of my porn collection, “I barely remember what it feels like and I’ll be goddamned if I’m gonna forget what it looks like.” 🙂

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