Mar 152016

A Sneak Peek of Ricky Larkin fucking Brendan Phillips at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce hot new scenes at for this month. Besides from popular porn stars Diego Sans, Landon Mycles and Ricky Larkin, we will see hot newcomers Alex Tanner and Zaq Wolf make their debut.

Alex Tanner and Zaq Wolf are two cute blond jocks who love taking hard raw dicks up their asses. Alex Tanner will bottom for scruffy daddy Dirk Caber, and exclusive Diego Sans will pound Zaq’s tight ass.

There are some hot scenes you could also keep an eye on, such as Jordan Boss fucking Landon Mycles, Dustin Holloway fucking Canadian newcomer Carter Dane, Alex Mecum bottoming for Darin Silvers.

Since the latest update is up to Mar 24th, 2016, I have no idea about the new scens for the last week in March. Maybe will surprise us with a new “Top to Bottom” episode? Who knows. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Watch The Full Video – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes in March


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Dylan Knight at Drillmyhole


[Mar 15] “Boys For Rent Part 1“, Dennis West Fucks Dylan Knight


A Sneak Peek of Ricky Larkin fucking Brendan Phillips at Drillmyhole 01


[Mar 16] “Miami Beat Part 1“, Ricky Larkin Fucks Brendan Phillips


A Sneak Peek of Jordan Boss fucking Landon Mycles at Str8togay


[Mar 17] “Straight Classifieds Part 2“, Jordan Boss Fucks Landon Mycles


A Sneak Peek of Dustin Holloway fucking Carter Dane at Drillmyhole


[Mar 18] “Men In Canada Part 3“, Dustin Holloway Fucks Carter Dane


A Sneak Peek of Darin Silvers fucking Alex Mecum at Drillmyhole


[Mar 19] “Watching My Husband Part 1“, Darin Silvers Fucks Alex Mecum


A Sneak Peek of Johnny Rapid fucking Jack Hunter at Str8togay


[Mar 20] “Stealth Fuckers Part 10“, Johnny Rapid Fucks Jack Hunter


A Sneak Peek of Darin Silvers fucking Will Braun at Str8togay


[Mar 21] “Testing My Limits Part 3“, Darin Silvers Fucks Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Dirk Caber fucking Alex Tanner at Drillmyhole


[Mar 22] “Boys For Rent Part 2“, Dirk Caber Fucks Alex Tanner


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Zaq Wolf at Drillmyhole


[Mar 23] “Miami Beat Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Zaq Wolf


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Jordan Boss at Str8togay


[Mar 24] “Straight Classifieds Part 3“, Dennis West Fucks Jordan Boss


Watch The Full Video – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes in March


  6 Comments to “Men – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes Starring Alex Tanner, Zaq Wolf, Carter Dane, Ricky Larkin, Diego Sans, Dustin Holloway”

  1. Dustin Holloway is a dreamboat , he should do a gangbang scene with him being the attention focus

  2. Jordan looks hotter than the time when he was with seancody

  3. No new Bennett Anthony again? What’s going on? And why aren’t Paddy and Colby Jansen busier than one new one a month? What’s Dirk Caber doing at Icon Male? And how does a class act like Marcus Ruhl get reduced to a shithouse outfit like Peter Fever?

  4. Alex Tanner is a hottie

  5. Diego and Darin need to return to bottoming occasionally — to keep these updates fresh. Nothing really on my radar for March, but happy to see Ricky there. If he was bottoming again — it would be an instant sub renewal. That guys just loves sex in every shape and form!

  6. To my own surprise, I’m coming around to an appreciation for Johnny Rapid, where once I was only too happy to pile on with his detractors. It would be downright unsportsmanlike not to respect a guy who has hung in there despite some of the worse brickbats delivered any porn star across the internet.

    Since all of them are always going to be performing exactly the same action, skillful reinvention of one’s appearance is critical to longevity. In Rapid’s case, one thing helpful is when he sports some facial hair, becomingly removing a quotient of ‘twink’ that he is all the better leaving behind. Lately too, he’s been turning in competent enough top work to prove he’s no one-trick pony. Nice going, young man.

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