Oct 032015


It’s time to introduce hot new scenes at Men.com in October. Hot muscle jocks Alex Mecum and Will Braun bottom up again! And we also have lots of hot guys in the roster, such as Diego Sans, Landon Mycles and Tommy Regan.

Will Braun gets fucked for the second time. He bottoms for handsome Diego Sans. Tommy Regan makes his Men.com debut. And horse hung Rafael Alencar continues to dominate cute muscle jocks.

I’ve been waiting for Alex’s second time bottoming for 3 months. From the preview, Adam Bryant drills Alex’s tight muscle ass in 3 positions until he fucks a huge load out of Alex and gives Alex a hot facial. This is my favorite scene of the month.


Watch The Full Video – 11 New Scenes – Alex Mecum & Will Braun Bottom Up Again


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Jack Radley at Drillmyhole


[Oct 09] “Stealth Fuckers Part 2“, Dennis West Fucks Jack Radley


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant fucking Johnny Rapid at Drillmyhole


[Oct 10] “Atlanta Pride“, Adam Bryant Fucks Johnny Rapid


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Will Braun at Drillmyhole


[Oct 11] “The Next Men Exclusive Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Rafael Alencar fucking Jack Radley & Zac Stevens at Drillmyhole


[Oct 12] “My Neighbor’s Son Part 2“, Rafael Alencar Fucks Jack Radley & Zac Stevens


A Sneak Peek of Damien Crosse fucking Gabriel Cross at Menofuk


[Oct 13] “Room In Madrid Part 1“, Damien Crosse Fucks Gabriel Cross


A Sneak Peek of Will Braun fucking Scott Riley at Drillmyhole


[Oct 14] “The Sitter Part 2“, Will Braun Fucks Scott Riley


A Sneak Peek of Jessy Ares fucking Trenton Ducati at Drillmyhole


[Oct 15] “Sweet Dreams Part 2“, Jessy Ares Fucks Trenton Ducati


A Sneak Peek of Landon Mycles fucking Tommy Regan at Drillmyhole


[Oct 16] “Stealth Fuckers Part 3“, Landon Mycles Fucks Tommy Regan


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire fucking Dennis West at Drillmyhole


[Oct 17] “Ass Bandit Part 4“, Connor Maguire Fucks Dennis West


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant fucking Alex Mecum at Drillmyhole


[Oct 18] “The Next Men Exclusive Part 3“, Adam Bryant Fucks Alex Mecum


A Sneak Peek of Rafael Alencar fucking Dylan Knight at Drillmyhole


[Oct 19] “My Neighbor’s Son Part 3“, Rafael Alencar Fucks Dylan Knight


Watch The Full Video – 11 New Scenes – Alex Mecum & Will Braun Bottom Up Again


  5 Comments to “Men – 11 Hot New Scenes Starring Alex Mecum, Landon Mycles, Diego Sans, Adam Bryant, Will Braun, Tommy Regan and More”

  1. Where’s Paddy O’brien? He was in so many scenes and now It’s been months since he did a scene for Men. Is he still an exclusive with them?

    • Yeah, it’s been a while since we saw Paddy’s last scene. Maybe I could bring this question to the rep manager when he is back from vacation.

      I just hope Paddy can cum from getting fucked once.

  2. And when top to bottom another scene? Please tell men.com to make brad kavo next bottom.

  3. So Alex, Landon or Diego will be the next men.com exclusive? Yawn!

  4. I have no idea which model will be chosen as new exclusive. I like both Alex and Diego.

    Alex who looks a bit like Kris Evans. Alex has a gorgeous torso and a nice dick. Alex’s cumshots are always huge.

    Diego looks much hotter than a few years ago while he worked for Randyblue.

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