Sep 062015

A Sneak Peek of Denis Vega & Letterio having a flip-flop fucking at Men


It’s time to introduce upcoming hot scenes at Besides from popular stars listed in the title, we also have many hot guys in the roster, such as Damien Crosse, Flex, Dennis West, Diego Sans, Brendan Patrick, Jason Maddox.

It’s not easy to produce high quality gay porn videos on a daily basis. But did it. They shoot hot guys in hot action everyday, with well designed storyline, best camera angle, light and background.

Of all 18 hot new scenes, I pick up 9 scenes that I like. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. And the new “Top to Bottom” episode is on the way. Stay tuned!

Watch The Full Video – 18 Upcoming Hot Scenes in September


A Sneak Peek of Will Braun fucking Bennett Anthony at Drillmyhole


[Sep 08] “The Real Houseboys Of West Hollywood Part 2“, Will Braun Fucks Bennett Anthony


A Sneak Peek of Damien Crosse fucking Flex at Drillmyhole


[Sep 09] “Another Life Part 1“, Damien Crosse Fucks Flex


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Aspen at Str8togay


[Sep 12] “The In-Laws Part 2“, Dennis West Fucks Aspen


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant fucking Paul Canon at Drillmyhole


[Sep 13] “The Hunt Part 2“, Adam Bryant Fucks Paul Canon


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Vadim Black at Thegayoffice


[Sep 14] “Reply All Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Vadim Black


A Sneak Peek of Alex Mecum fucking Scott Riley at Drillmyhole


[Sep 18] “Straight Man’s Whore Part 3“, Alex Mecum Fucks Scott Riley


A Sneak Peek of Aspen & Dennis West fucking Brendan Patrick & Dirk Caber at Jizzorgy


[Sep 19] “The In-Laws Part 3“, Aspen & Dennis West Fuck Brendan Patrick & Dirk Caber


A Sneak Peek of Jason Maddox fucking Kaden Alexander at Drillmyhole


[Sep 20] “The Hunt Part 3“, Jason Maddox Fucks Kaden Alexander


A Sneak Peek of Denis Vega & Letterio having a flip-flop fucking at Men 01


[Sep 22] “Unexpected Passion“, Denis Vega & Letterio Amadeo Flip-Fuck


Watch The Full Video – 18 Upcoming Hot Scenes in September


  2 Comments to “Men – 18 Hot New Scenes Starring Adam Bryant, Vadim Black, Alex Mecum, Jason Maddox, Kaden Alexander, Letterio”

  1. Kaden bottoming looks to be the best scene of the above. The Denis Vega flip looks good. I wish they could mix more the American guys with more of the Spanish guys. Those European guys really know how to fuck and take a dick. If the next Top to Bottom is one of the tops above (not saying which, but I’ve been admiring his body for the past year or so — and that ass!), I’ll be signing up. But not one day sooner!

  2. Kaden looks hotter than before. He gained some muscles.

    I agree some Spanish guys are very good performers, such as Flex, Xavi Duran, Denis Vega.

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