Sep 012012

big dick Dean Skyy fucks handsome fit Robert Craig at Randyblue 01


Robert Craig likes it rough. Luckily, his scene partner, the hairy hunk Dean Skyy, can take it as well as dishing it out. Dean went down on that humongous cock with total ease. And to see him take it all the way down his throat is quite impressive because of the sheer size of it. And Robert got so turned on he grabbed Dean by the hair and started feeding him his cock…

big dick Dean Skyy fucks handsome fit Robert Craig at Randyblue 02


Watch The Full Video – Dean Skyy Fucks Robert Craig

Dean loved being used in this manner and just kept it coming and when the tables turned and he got to feel Robert going down in his rock hard cock he was horned up beyond belief. Dean also got his horny hole ready by giving him one fuck of a rim job. He then fucked Robert like a hungry animal with Dean getting off on the whole experience. At one point Dean pushed Robert up against the mirror and made him watch himself get fucked.

It is a good thing Robert was able to hold off because the very sight of himself getting his ass rammed by a hot stud like Dean could have very well sent him over the edge. He finally got a chance to shoot his load all over his smooth chest and as Dean was ready to shoot his he amazed Robert by showering him with load after load of hot creamy spunk. This is a must see video for any fans of huge cum loads.”


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