Aug 032012


This week we have a new face on as we welcome Justin Cage to the site and the industry. Helping us welcome him aboard is a bright eyed hottie named Patrick Hunter.


Justin is taking a snooze on the couch out in nothing but underwear & a ten gallon hat when Patrick walks in and can’t help but want a closer look. “See something you like?” Patrick immediately gets between Justin’s legs and eagerly gets to work on that dick. Patrick knows what he’s doing as he worships that cock, taking it all the way into his throat. Justin appreciates the head but soon wonders what else Patrick has to offer as he stands him up; strips him down then bends him over. Once in position, Justin slides his tongue up into Patrick’s sweet ass.

Patrick’s ass is smooth and irresistible as Justin buries his face in it before giving Patrick’s dick just as much attention takes his thick cock down his throat. Justin stands and gets Patrick on his knees so he can fuck that pretty face of his. That gets his cock rock hard as he gets Patrick into position. On all four, Patrick braces himself as Justin slides his dick inside. Justin holds Patrick by the waist as he bounces him back on his hard cock. From there they lay on the floor as Justin slides his cock back inside.

Justin picks up the pace as his cock hits Patrick in just the right spot, sending him over the edge and exploding all over himself. Justin loses control and busts a load deep inside that hot ass. He then pulls out and empties the rubber all over Patrick’s cum covered chest. There’s nothing quite like a second coat of glaze!

Watch The Full Video – Patrick Hunter & Justin Cage

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