Jul 272012



Nicko Morales, who made his debut with us last week on MenOver30.com, is back to show us just how he puts all that sexy “Guatamalan-ness” to work as he puts fan-favorite Diego Vena to the test. Lip locked and all over each other is how we start as Diego and Nicko get better acquainted. Diego pulls off Nicko’s tee to get at his furry chest as they continue to kiss passionately. Diego stands as Nicko lands on the floor taking Diego’s pants with him. Diego’s smooth ass comes into view and Nicko can’t help but want a taste. He bends Diego over and dives right in tongue first as he eats that hot ass.

Nicko then stands up to free his own cock that is straining for release. Diego quickly kneels before him as he gets that cock out and gets to work on it. He shoves that cock all the way down his throat as he savors every uncut inch. Nicko then gets on the couch suits up and sits back as Diego sits on that dick in a reverse cowgirl position. Once he gets used to that dick he bounces o! n that meat like he’s on a pogo stick. These boys came to play as they go at each other with wild abandon. Nicko then moves forward so that Diego goes on all four as he stays inside his ass pounding it hard doggy style. He rams his cock into that insatiable ass as Diego just grunts and moans begging for more.

They then move the party south as Diego and Nicko lay on the floor with Nicko holding Diego’s leg up as he slides inside for more. Diego can’t help but jack off as Nicko starts to hit that sweet spot getting him closer to climax. Nicko senses that and fucks him even harder sending him over the edge. “I’m gonna cum” Diego moans seconds before exploding all over himself. Nicko then pulls out and shoots all over his own furry trail.

Watch The Full Video – Nicko Morales & Diego Vena

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