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Watch The Full Video – Dean Flynn & Ty Roderick

Sexy Ty Roderick knows Dr. Dean Flynn could lose his license if word got out about his sexual malpractice and knowledge is power. Ty uses his power to force Dr. Dean to take care of his own sexual needs. First he pulls out the dirty doctor’s hot cock and makes Dean face-fuck him. After getting a good dose of cock Ty stands up and fucks the doctor’s face but Dean knows what Ty really wants. He throws the young medical technician up on the exam table and shoves his cock in his ass.

This satisfies Ty but not Dean; the twisted stud forces Ty back on his shoulders and mounts him. While Dr. Dean fucks Ty’s hot ass he also forces Ty to lick the head of his own giant dick until he blows all over his face. When it’s time for the doctor to cum Ty begs him to shoot into a sample cup. Rather than drink the load, Ty holds it up as DNA evidence to ensure the doctor continues to treat him the way he likes it.

Ty Roderick is one of my favoriate performers. He is so hot with a natural body and huge dick. More important, he is a straight guy who crosses line doing gay porn. But you can not find any difference if you don’t know that. Because his acting is very good. He is into everything in gay porn: kissing, rimming, fucking, being fucked. cum, facial… And this is the first time Ty cums being pounded! So fucking hot!

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  1. cum shot is hot! yummy!

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