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Pablo is working at his desk when toolman Valentin Alsina arrives with a TOOLBOX delivery. The parcel is handed over, opened and fucked for. Rewind. The parcel is opened to reveal a set of leather cuffs and a rubber mask. Pablo doesn’t understand; and valentin is about to explain it all. pablo is stripped to a jockstrap. valentin puts the mask on him, pushes him back in his chair and cuffs him. Valentin caresses licks and kisses the slim, toned body of the hairy brazilian, stripping for him down to his own jock. Pablo’s cuffs are released, only to be pushed down on his knees and have Valentin throbbing cock shoved down his throat.

From there pablo is only a short step to having his ass eaten out by Valentin hungry mouth. his tongue wets pablos hole while he slowly plugs his own hole with a sizeable black number. (interesting… i will try that myself and let you know how i get on but in the meantimelet’s go back to valentin fucking pablo) he slides his veinic cock inside him from behind first, then pushes him face down on the sofa and drills him some more. Pablo is stunning so he turns him round and keeps fucking his tight hole holding his legs open and watching the pleasure on the man’s face and working himself up to shoot a hot load all over him. delivery completed.

A very sexy and ramantic scene. Pablo Nunez, lean and fit, is a hot Brazilian dude. Pablo looks so sexy with the mask on. It’s hot to see Valentin licks Pablo’s face and neck gentlely. If I were there, I could tatste Pablo’s body for all night. 😀

Watch The Full Video – Valentin Alsina & Pablo Nunez

  4 Comments to “Alphamalefuckers – Valentin Alsina Fucks Pablo Nunez”

  1. damn, the cover pic turns me on! so hot

  2. Pablo Nunez is cute. more of him please!

  3. smoking hot!!

  4. pablo’s yummy !!!

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