Jun 262012



Hot new comer Tyler Black is 100% New York grade Italian sausage meat, and he is not shy about it. Showing off his tightly chiseled abs and chest, he rubs himself into a frenzy while reclining back on the 4 wheel ATV. As the temperature heats up inside the garage, Tyler strips down to nothing, letting his hard cock fall out of his briefs as he begins to stroke it into submission. Spreading his legs to straddle the machine, his cock points up to the heavens in full salute. Throbbing and about to burst, Tyler pumps his hips back and forth, showing off his rock hard ass and his sweet hole, before standing up proper and spraying the garage floor with his sticky load. Enjoy!

Tyler Black is a very hot guy. And he looks a little bit like Derek Atlas, right? He has kissable lips and a nice bubble butt. His pink hole is so beautiful. Hope someone can break in him someday. :d

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  1. Tyler is so yummy!!!!!!!! Too bad he goes to NDM.

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