Jun 232012



While lounging and bathing in the Greek sun rays, Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock longingly admire each other’s bodies. Soon the turquoise waters of the swimming pool draw their attention, and they take a dip in their white briefs. The men feel an overpowering chemistry and are soon kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues. Mitchell’s sucking of Rafael’s nipples stirs and an uncontrollable arousal in his underwear, and Mitchell happily peels them off and sensually sucks his partner’s cock and foreskin.

Mitchell then turns around so Rafael can tease and eat his ass — it’s foreplay that stirs Mitchell, and he sits on the edge of the pool with his own cock hard and alert for Rafael’s mouth. After they suck each other, they retreat to a bed overlooking the ocean and countryside, where Mitchell lies and surrenders his muscular ass to his Latin lover. Rafael is both sensual and hard as he penetrates and fucks Mitchell. Rafael enters Mitchell deeply on all fours and his back before they reach climax together.

From preview clip you can see this scene is hot. Mitchell Rock is a handsome power bottom. Sometimes I wonder why Mitchell’s ass is still so tight even if he gets plowed for many times. It’s called power bottom talent? Rafael Carreras is famous for his hung weapon. Rafael’s cumming in Mitchell’s mouth is very hot. The scene background is perfect: blue sky, sunshine, seashore. What more can you ask for? :d

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  1. I just watched this scene. Mitchell cums being fucked. very hot

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