Apr 192016

Darin Silvers fucks muscle hunk Colby Jansen in Janitor's Closet Part 3 at Bigdicksatschool


It’s great to see hot muscle hunk Colby Jansen get his big juicy ass fucked again. Watch Darin Silvers pound Colby’s muscle ass until they shoot two hot loads. Darin’s big cum shot is very impressive.

It seems Colby worked very hard at the gym and successfully lost some weight. Compared with hunky Colby, Darin looks like a small guy. I know some fans love watching a small guy topping a big guy. This scene fulfils your fantasy.

Darin and Colby take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Darin drills Colby’s muscle butt in doggy, cowboy and doggy style agian.

The cum shot is the highlight. Darin strokes his huge loads out of his hard boner before Colby jerks off. Watch loads and loads of protein gushing from Darin’s stiff dick. Amazing!


Watch The Full Video – Darin Silvers Plows Colby Jansen’s Big Juicy Ass

Darin Silvers fucks muscle hunk Colby Jansen in Janitor's Closet Part 3 at Bigdicksatschool 01


Darin Silvers fucks muscle hunk Colby Jansen in Janitor's Closet Part 3 at Bigdicksatschool 02


Watch The Full Video – Darin Silvers Plows Colby Jansen’s Big Juicy Ass


  5 Comments to “Men – Darin Silvers Rams Macho Hunk Colby Jansen – Big Loads”

  1. By Men’s say, this is Jansen’s 95th clip putting him next in line to join Johnny Rapid in the 100+ club. If you get technical and count brief non-sexual appearances, he’s probably over the top already. Before his exclusivity with Men, there’s at least one Unglory Hole and one Bait Bus performance of Jansen floating around out there too.

    Bar none, he is my favorite of all active stars right now. It didn’t start out that way. Some fellows like Jack King, Dani Robles and Paddy O’Brian, for instance, knock you on your ass at first sight. Others work their way more subtly and slyly up one’s ‘list.’ That’s Colby in my case. He’s the one porn star I’d most like to find myself stranded with. Maybe in a winter cabin somewhere, far from civilization, enjoying each other night after night as snow silently falls on the roof. This guy is under my skin 🙂

    While Darin Silvers isn’t who I’d guess Colby would bottom for next, “Janitor’s Closet III” is a sturdy carnal workout, an excellent Men selection. Despite not have done bottom work in over a year, Colby is clearly comfortable with Silvers, shows no hesitation and there’s plenty of doggie-style (my favorite). Both men look great, perform beautifully, and I haven’t got a single complaint.

    Thanks mensparkle for the spotlight and the stills.

  2. Oh yeah — love doggie style. Hated when Ricky Larkin bottomed — and the cameraman never got a good shot of his ass — instead showing him from the front the entire time! Colby is one of my favorites — especially when that big ass of his is getting pounded. I don’t know why Darin has never bottomed at men, but he used to bottom when he was younger and twinkish. I guess this is another example of a guy refusing to bottom once he’s no longer a twink — which is frustrating if you prefer more mature men like me. There just aren’t enough masculine adult men willing to bottom on camera — may as well go back to watching straight porn — where I don’t expect the top to bottom.

  3. Ty Roderick is another example who does not bottom any more, so does Jessy Ares.

  4. Ditto with Jarec Wentworth. His parting clip with Sean Cody was bottoming for Stu, and his subsequent Men contract ruled out any more. Not that he wasn’t a good top too, but had I not discovered that he’d worked elsewhere ( and he was JareK at Cody), I might never have seen him bottom at all.

    When they cover all bases their first months at this work and continue to do so, as did Trenton Ducati and Landon Conrad for instance, that’s when I find it easiest to become and stay a fan. Bennett Anthony and Wesley Woods are two more recent names that have done it exactly that way as well.

  5. I don’t know for certain, but Jessy only bottoms on camera for his husband. I think he did two bottoming scenes last year — one at Men and one at Men At Play. The one at Men was actually a flip. To me, his body is better than ever — built like a brick house! Ty Roderick had one decent bottom scene at Men — I think with Ducati — before decided to just top. I guess if you’re a bottom — you only care about guys topping, but for the rest of us — gay porn can be more frustrating than straight porn.

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