Feb 262016

A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian & Hector De Silva fucking Dario Beck, Jay Roberts and Damien Crosse at Jizzorgy


It’s time to introduce upcoming hot scenes at Men.com in March. Besides from popular stars Paddy O’Brian, Hector De Silva, Diego Sans and Adam Mecum, we will see Carter Dane, Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway make their Men.com debut.

Carter Dane is a cute jock bottom. Wesley Woods has work for Gayroom before. Dustin Holloway is one of my favorite Randyblue models. It’s nice to see he is back on camera.

Apocalypse Part 4” is a hot orgy you should not miss, starring Paddy O’Brian, Hector De Silva, Dario Beck, Jay Roberts and Damien Crosse. The plots and uniform are all top class.

Two days ago, I tried to ask the rep manager if we have new “Top to Bottom” episode in March. But unfortunately his computer crashed at that time. I will let you know if I have any update info. Stay tuned!


Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Hot Scenes in March


A Sneak Peek of Jack King fucking Tommy Regan at Drillmyhole


[Mar 01] “Young Conservatives Part 3“, Jack King Fucks Tommy Regan


A Sneak Peek of Colby Keller fucking Casey More at Drillmyhole


[Mar 02] “Make Me An Offer Part 3“, Colby Keller Fucks Casey More


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant & Ricky Larkin fucking Tommy Regan at Str8togay


[Mar 03] “Neighbrohood Part 3“, Adam Bryant & Ricky Larkin Fuck Tommy Regan


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Carter Dane at Drillmyhole


[Mar 04] “Men In Canada Part 1“, Diego Sans Fucks Carter Dane


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Dario Beck at Str8togay


[Mar 05] “Apocalypse Part 3“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Dario Beck


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Wesley Woods at Str8togay


[Mar 06] “Betting On The Straight Guy Part 3“, Dennis West Fucks Wesley Woods


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Billy Santoro at Men


[Mar 08] “Senses“, Diego Sans Fucks Billy Santoro


A Sneak Peek of Colby Jansen fucking Jordan Boss at Str8togay


[Mar 09] “Straight Classifieds Part 1“, Colby Jansen Fucks Jordan Boss


A Sneak Peek of Alex Mecum & Wesley Woods flip-fucking at Men


[Mar 10] “Wonderment“, Alex Mecum & Wesley Woods Flip-Fuck


A Sneak Peek of Pierre Fitch fucking Dustin Holloway at Drillmyhole


[Mar 11] “Men In Canada Part 2“, Pierre Fitch Fucks Dustin Holloway


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian & Hector De Silva fucking Dario Beck, Jay Roberts and Damien Crosse at Jizzorgy 01


[Mar 12] “Apocalypse Part 4“, Paddy O’Brian and Hector De Silva Fuck Dario Beck, Jay Roberts and Damien Crosse


Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Hot Scenes in March


  5 Comments to “Men – 15 New Scenes Starring Dustin Holloway, Wesley Woods, Carter Dane, Paddy O’Brian, Hector De Silva and More”

  1. Oh fuck! Adam and Ricky in a scene together — and, of course, neither one is bottoming!!! Damn — that could have been hot, but instead another young skinny guy taking the D. Boring. Colby Jansen hasn’t bottomed in what — a year?! That series with the Euro guys has way too much gear in it to be sexy. Well, maybe the last half of March will have something for me, but the first half is a pass.

  2. Fatty Colby Jansen does nothing to me. Jack King should bottom, so does Diego Sans.
    Dustin Holloway is very hot

  3. Diego Sans need bottom. How come he became a total top at men.com?

  4. I’m so glad Jack King is back. He had done a few barebacks for Dallas Reeves then disappeared for months only to now return to Men (same situation too with Marcus Ruhl.) Paddy O’Brian was gone nearly five months between “Naked Promotion” back in August till his Stars Wars parody appearance last month.

    It is good to have Paddy back, but I wish Men would put him in something light-spirited. Time and again he’s in some series where he’s asked to play the same snarling, bossy hardass with or without a firearm. Something comedic or romantic would be a nice change; the “Stealth Fuckers” series, for instance.

    Colby Jansen is my man, no matter what, and he should be less than ten clips now from matching Johnny Rapid’s 100-mark. I agree, a fresh Jansen bottoming would be welcome too. I don’t see a new Bennett Anthony in this bunch; I hope he’s intended to be kept busy too. Nor would I mind if guys like Andrew Stark, Joe Parker, Donny Wright and Logan Vaughn were recalled and put through paces again by Men.

  5. next time I will ask the rep manager of men.com if they have plan to have Paddy bottom again. I agree Colby is hot but he needs to lose some weights.

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