Jan 202014

Sexy muscle hunks Connor Stewart, Joey Van Damme and Manu Rock show off their hot muscular bodies at Jimmyzproductions


It’s nice to have three super hot muscle men, Connor Stewart, Joey Van Damme and Manu Rock, to kick off the week. Watch these sexy macho studs show off their gorgeous muscles and perfect body shape.


Big muscled Connor Stewart shows off his hard muscles and hot naked body in Overnight Pt. 3 at Jimmyzproductions


In “Overnight Pt. 3”, hot bodybuilder Connor Stewart wakes up and shaves in the nude. His beautiful body and bubble butt look so yummy. Conner is also a personal model trying on several sexy outfits. His bulging muscles look so sexy as he flexes.

Watch The Full Video – Connor Stewart Shows Off His Gorgeous Muscles


Super handsome Joey Van Damme shows off sexy naked body and hard cock in Try These On - Part 1 at Jimmyzproductions


I have a crush on Joey Van Damme. His beautiful eyes, handsome face and his charming smile can melt your heart. All this and an exquisite hard cock make Joey the perfect specimen of a muscle man. In “Try These On – Part 1”, watch Joey show off his hot naked body and hard cock in different positions.

Watch The Full Video – Joey Van Damme Shows off His Hot Naked Body


Hot Italian muscle hunk Manu Rock shows off beautiful biceps and chest in Forza e Potenza at Jimmyzproductions


In “Forza e Potenza”, Italian hunk Manu Rock shows off beautiful biceps and powerful chest that we are jealous of. Manu is very dedicated to the sport and has worked hard building his gorgeous body. And Manu in jeans looks hot as hell. I hope Manu can come back and shows us his totally naked body, or even jacks off. 😀

Watch The Full Video – Hot Italian Hunk Manu Rock’s Workout


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