Sep 022012

masculine and bearded Derek Parker & Damien Stone Flip-Flop at Ragingstallion 01


Finally, rugged, bearded, masculine and long time power top Damien Stone gets his cherry popped up! The lucky guy is Derek Parker. They are actually a real couple in private life. That’s why Damien would like to bottom for his BF for the first time under the camera. They have hot kisses with a lot of tongue-sucking and lip-locking. Derek rims his BF’s muscle hole very deep before he slides his big dick into Damien’s tight hairy hole. The camera angle is perfect to capture the clear penetration of Derek fucking Damien missionary. Later on Derek returns the favor by having his BF fuck his ass untill both of them reach the climax. I am turned on by watching masculine and rugged men getting fucked. It’s just one of my fatasies. 😀

masculine and bearded Derek Parker & Damien Stone Flip-Flop at Ragingstallion 02


Watch The Full Video – Damien’s Bottoming Debut

Derek Parker and Damien Stone, two hairy and sexy bearded beasts, are right into the thick of things: naked and fiercely making out. Heavy rub downs, man kisses and hard cocks are the order of the moment, until Derek gets things interesting by going down on Damien and rimming his furry hole, teasing it with his cock head. Damien’s pucker is quivering, anticipating the drilling that Derek is about the deliver.

Working his sexy hips with a rhythmic jamming that sends moans out of Damien, Derek shows his topping prowess stoke by more intense stroke. The action takes a flip and Derek’s ass is in the air taking a crazed pounding from Damien’s huge cock. Once on his back, Derek is taking every stroke with extended moans as Damien ups the ante and slams even harder. Derek comes and then gets on his knees for a facial cum spray from Damien that he rubs all over his beard and then licks the cock clean.


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