Sep 062012

Cute blond boy gets bareback fucked at Czechhunter 01


The boy was so cute but Peter was so sad afterwards. Why? Well, he met him in a shopping center outside of Prague. It was expansive to make him show his undies. But when the boy saw that the money is real it was almost easy to talk him into a blow-job. So far so good. He finally also agreed to get fucked

Cute blond boy gets bareback fucked at Czechhunter 02


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But then the problems started. When Peter was ready to shag him the boy suddenly changed his mind. It was a real fight to persuade him to go on. Well, Peter won this fight and a few minutes later his hard dick was inside the boy`s cherry. But then Peter started to get problems with his cam. Actually with the sound. He needs to buy a new cam now 🙂 So next week it will be my turn again.


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