Aug 142012

Kale strokes and busts a nut at Southernstrokes 01


Scene Summary: Country boy Kale is 21 years old from North Texas. Kale is 5’8″ tall with a lean 130 lb frame and a big ole 8 inch country cock. I still don’t think that Kale can believe that he made the trip to the Ranch to jack off for us. Kale is a real country boy from a small North Texas town. Kale is 5’8′ tall with a nice lean body and a big ole country cock.

Kale strokes and busts a nut at Southernstrokes 02


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Kale jumped in the truck with two of his buddies and drove the better part of the morning to get to the Ranch. At first I thought he was bringing a couple of friends to join in on the fun but it was real apparent that they were just there for backup protection. Some of my favorite models originally showed up as backup protection. Kale finally separated from his friends and relaxed a little bit. There was not turning back for this stud but he definitely kept waiting for the football team to run him and pull a train.

Once Kale got naked so that he could show off his prized penis, things got a lot more interesting. Kale took off his shorts and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Nothing like a big cock and a little country boy. Kale grabbed the lube and started stroking his beautiful piece of meat all the while flexing his rippled abs. Finally Kale let out a gasp as he squirted country boy cum all over his country boy stomach.


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