Aug 142012

Nick Sterling rims and plows Cameron Marshall at Randyblue 01


Scene Summary: Cameron Marshall and Nick Sterling are trying to catch a few rays in the scorching L.A.sun. Nick turns up the heat even further when he grabs Cameron, pulls down his swim suit and begins to devour his ass. Cameron gives a moan of delight as Nick tongues his tight hole…

Nick Sterling rims and plows Cameron Marshall at Randyblue 02


Watch The Full Video – Nick Sterling Fucks Cameron Marshall

Cameron starts to salivate and begs for Nick to feed him his thick cock. After a lot of sucking, the two take it to the bedroom, where Nick rims Cameron some more before slipping his cock deep inside of him. Cameron grabs onto the sheets and arches his head back in a combination of pain and ecstasy. Nick plows deep inside Cameron, showing him no mercy.

There is fucking and slapping and kissing as Cameron takes every inch of Nick. His cock throbs as Nick shoves it in deeper. After flipping Nick over and riding him hard, Cameron can’t help but unleash his hot thick white load all over his belly. Cameron is still not satisfied and begins to suck on Nick until he gets rewarded with a huge hot load all over his face and mouth.


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