Aug 192012

Craftsman Lech deep-throated, degraded, fucked at Gaywargames 01


Deep-throated and degraded. Lech gets fucked by all three soldiers. Doggy style, missionary – in all possible positions. Then they cover his whole body with their hot loads of cum.

Craftsman Lech deep-throated, degraded, fucked at Gaywargames 02 


Watch The Full Video – A Craftsman – Episode 02

Overwhelmed and tied Lech was brought to the secret torture chamber. The soldiers ripped off his clothes and ordered the straight craftsman to give them a blow-job. The grab his hair and make him deep-throat. Then Mecko starts to prepare the guy’s ass. He fondles his cherry and penetrates it. Lech is moaning and begging for mercy. But the lead soldier fucks him faster and faster. “Did I say stop? Keep sucking bitch!”

Lech gets fucked in several positions. Doggy style and missionary. First by Mecko and then by Becko. And again he has to suck all masters well. Then Ivan wants to have his turn. He takes the already crying guy with his strong arms and starts to fuck him. “I want to hear you begging for my sperm. Common, say it!” The humiliated craftsman obeys and now whimpers for sperm. But the soldiers have just been joking.

They are still hungry for his ass and continue the fuck. Finally the stop and gather around the humble guy. They start to jerk and one after the over shoots his massive load. They leave the desperate guy in a mess of cum sweat and tears. Naked and still tied.


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