Aug 132012

Cruz busts a nut at Chaosmen 01


Cruz has done a straight video before and found the pay was not that great. It was time for pay raise and that meant working with guys. He is married and his wife is all for him going out and bringing home the bacon by doing adult work…

Cruz busts a nut at Chaosmen 02


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She seems to be one of those gals who likes to watch their hubby in action, with guys or girls. Cruz said it wasn’t exactly an open relationship, but they did get married very young, and they are always trying to keep things interesting sexually. He has some experience with guys, but tends to be more into women. He stuck to straight porn with girls with giant boobs as his stimuli. Cruz seems very calm, and very free-thinking in his attitudes. I think if it feels good, he is down for it. With a hot body, an awesome cock, and a vesatatile attitude, I am sure he will be back for more!


 Posted on August 13, 2012  

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