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The first thing you notice about Jordan Levine is his incredible body art. He has two full sleeves that take up both his arms as well as various other pieces that decorate his stunning body. From his bubble butt that he loves to play with to his chiseled pecs and abs, Jordan loves showing off a body that he has sculpted to perfection.

With an anything goes attitude and a sexual energy you can practically taste we put him outside and let him do what he wanted. He loved the idea of jerking his delicious cock out in the open for anyone to see. And the look of pure pleasure he gets on his face while getting closer and closer to cumming is enough to inspire your hard on alone. And once he shoots you’ll want to go back to the beginning and watch this video all over again. Yes, he is just that hot.

I don’t know this guy. Maybe I saw his strip dance somewhere. But he is all-round sexy. Face, body, butt, cock — flawless. Somtimes I just wonder how Randyblue can find these hot models. I know lots of fans don’t like video making of Randyblue because some bad camera and dull sex screw up the hot models. It’s a big waste. I hope they can learn some camera directing from Seancody. 😀

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  1. his ass looks tight. maybe still a virgin. yummy!

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