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It’s a slow day at the gym, and that’s just how Pierre Fitch likes it. He’s been working on his physique, and he has never looked better: buff and compact, there isn’t a man who would turn him down. His weight lifting is moving along smoothly until Sam Steel interrupts the peace and quiet. But instead of feeling anger, Sam catches Pierre’s eye: tall and cute, there’s got to be a hot and lean body under his workout getup. Sam leans over and gives Pierre a peck on the cheek, and that sole signal leads the hot muscle dude to pulling down his gym shorts and recline back on the weight-lifting bench.

Sam wastes no time settling between Pierre’s legs and getting to work on his cock. Sam is submissive, and he makes it his duty to worship every inch of Pierre’s hard cock, who moans and groans with his legs spread. Pierre amps up his sex drive after the blowjob by sucking Sam’s big cock before bending him over the bench and fucking him deep in the ass. All Pierre is interested in is his own pleasure, and he hammers away at Sam’s hole with cheek-slapping pounds! It’s no wonder they both blow their loads like geysers!

Pierre Fitch is very handsome. His scene in which he got fucked by Gabriel Clark at Cockyboys really turns me on. He is a charming bottom but his topping skill is also good. His slam-fucking simply drives Sam crazy. Sam’s self-sucking is amazing!

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  1. Pierre is cute. He had been fucked many times. But I am never tired of watching him 🙂

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