Jul 212012



Bronzed surfer Christian Kennedy has to be one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever had the privilege of massaging. His killer physique is perfectly proportionate, toned and muscular. It gleans as I pour oil on his entire body and begin to trace every inch with my hands. I make sure to lick his feet and toes that are very soft from walking on beach sand. Christian Kennedy flips over and gets comfortable. I take a brief break from the massage to deep throat his cock.

Christian’s curls are to die for and I love running my fingers through them before rubbing his big biceps and sucking on his fingers. I lick his armpits and nipples then slowly work my way back down to the promised land. I work his cock with my hands and mouth until he writhes, wriggles, and cums all over his tight stomach. I suck out every last drop before saying goodbye to my sexy friend, Christian Kennedy.

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  2 Comments to “Jakecruise – Christian Kennedy Massaged”

  1. christian is hot. he should do hardcore. jake is lucky to have those hot hunks to play!

  2. I feel sorry for Christian. he is desperate for money though

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