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Hayden has been doing a fine job at working the massage table. Tatum certainly was a prime candidate. This is actually a video that I made that I can jerk-off too. Mainly because I just let Hayden do his thing, and Tatum was just told to let Hayden suck him off. No direction! So all the intimate touching that Tatum does is real and he was pretty set on not doing anything but get head. He seems turned on from the ass massage, and his dick is up and ready to go easily. There is a little bit of Fleshjack play (There would be more if I was directing it!) but Hayden didn’t seem to like using it, perhaps preferring to use his own mouth instead. Just another indicator I let them do what they wanted.

Hayden also really focused on Tatum’s pleasure, to the point where he wasn’t really getting hard himself. Finally Tatum reaches out and strokes him as he sucks, and he starts to wake-up. The ending is really cool too. I don’t know how Hayden keeps timing these cum shots, but he jerks and mouths Tatum’s spurting cock and unloads himself. To be honest, I had no idea Hayden was even hard, let alone close! He was jerking Tatum so furiously! Had I known,  I would have had all the cams aimed better.

A hot helping hand video. I like two parts: Hayden sucks Tatum while fingering his hairy vigin hole and the ending with hayden jerking Tatum so hard then getting cums in his mouth. So hot! I can not wait to see Tatum’s hardcore. 😀

Watch The Full Video – Tatum Serviced

 Posted on July 12, 2012  

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  1. tatum is my favorites!! I wanna see he’s popped up by a big dick raw

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