Jul 142012



We all know a straight bloke or two whose whole life revolves around football, drinking and girls. All of which are completely interconnected, it seems. Mr. Lewis Backwell is by no means an exception! This twenty-three year old Bristol lad can barely get a few words out without tying it all back to football (and inevitably drinking and girls.) Lewis is a doggy-man, he likes to fuck from behind and give it rough; not surprisingly, his ultimate fantasy scenario is football locker room sex!

I have to say Lewis is a very hot guy I’ve not seen from Blakemason for a while. He is just naturally sexy. No fake action, no extreme body work, no overwhelming tattos – pure natural beauty. I can not wait to see his hardcore. Bottoming would be better! 😀

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  1. very good one, He is hot! I’d never seen him before.
    must be a new comer

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