Jul 252012



It was so cool getting to hang out with my mate Harry Louis when I was last in London. Harry and I spent the day out shopping on Oxford Street before heading back to my hotel. Harry wanted to try on some of the gear I bought. Harry had bought much nicer stuff than I had, but he wanted to try out those thigh high socks. I told him he could as long as he stayed naked and let me take photos. I know that Harry is pretty popular in a load of porn scenes around the world and that he’s really hot.

But I like shooting with Harry because he’s actually a lot of fun to hang out with!  Harry is the biggest tease. He was totally showing off that fat hard cock on my bed until he realised that a class trip was passing by outside my window. I almost fell over laughing when he leaped off the bed. So here is Harry trying on some of my clothes and getting very horny at the same time. Later on Harry fucked my mouth with his fat prick and blew cum on my face. Man I love my hot mates!

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  1. Harry is now Marc Jacobs’ BF

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