Jul 252012



After gorgeous Sawyer ‘s introduction in the War Chest, I couldn’t wait to see this stunner in front of the camera again. Luckily, neither could Dink. He rang up Ransom, knowing he’d be able to ease Sawyer across the line. That bring us to this scene, Sawyer’s first taste of man-on-man action at Activeduty.

The scene starts with Ransom exploring Sawyer’s body, rubbing his perfect pecs and eight-pac abs while Sawyer just grins. Next, it builds from sucking to Sawyer pounding Ransom’s face as the camera takes in of his perfect angles and bubble-butt. From there Ransom gets a taste of Sawyer’s hole in a couple of positions, which the new recruit really seems to enjoy, as evidenced by his explosive finish. Make sure to stay tuned to see what steps Sawyer takes next in his explorations at Activeduty.

Watch The Full Video – Stunning Sawyer’s Next Step With Ransom

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  1. I hope Sawyer gets fucked on next update! he is gorgeous

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