Jun 292012



Watch The Full Video – Czech Hunter 43

When the sun is shining it’s nice to have a walk near the Moldova river. First of all it’s beautiful. But even more because there are always hot boys hanging around. After a few minutes walk I saw a tall blond twink chilling at a boat rental. He was quite friendly when I started to ask him for a short interview. He was quite clever and he got my point very soon.

Well, as I know that most boys in his age are desperate for some extra money I first asked him to sell me his undies. After that I offered him an even better deal. He wanted to know more but I insisted that we will continue our conversation on a short boat trip. Cause on a boat he can hardly run away. What can I say: he was shy but he had no chance.

Watch The Full Video – Czech Hunter 43

 Posted on June 29, 2012

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  1. this guy is yummy. I would like to pay to fuck him bb

  2. He is Yummy Hot!
    I would want him to Fuck Me!!

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