Jun 132012



This week Kaleb Strong and Rob Ryder pair up for Kalebs first time experience with another guy.  Kaleb is a lucky freshman, because Rob knows his way around a guy!  After introducing to making out with a bro, Rob feels around in Kalebs pants for that boner, and then he pulls it out and shows Kaleb what a real blowjob feels like. Rob licks, slurps, and deep-throats Kaleb, and from the look on Kalebs face, he is loving every minute of it. 

Rob then flips Kaleb over and introduces Kaleb to the joys of anal pleasure.  Rob rims Kaleb for a good five minutes, spitting and licking on Kalebs awesome sweet pink virgin hole.  Kaleb enjoys it a lot, even pulling Robs face further into his hot ass.  Kaleb then takes a try at sucking cock himself, and Rob makes him gag and choke on his cock, giving him careful instructions on the art of having a dick in his mouth.  The best part of their interlude is the end, when Rob takes Kalebs load in his mouth and returns it snowball style right into Kalebs mouth.  Kaleb lets all that cum drip down his chin and onto his chest.  Hot stuff!

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