Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Lukas Pribyl

19 year old Czech stud Lukas Pribyl, is quite the Hottie. He is a full time student at a local university near his hometown of Uhersky Brod, CZ. Lukas is here today to jerk off for you! As he rubs his body, he removes his shirt, followed by him dropping his blue jeans, exposing his perfect uncut cock. He takes hold of it, smiling for the camera and begins stroking it, pulling his foreskin up and down his shaft.

He turns his back side to the camera, spreading his cheeks and exposing his manhole. Laying back on the table, he continues to work his cock, while thrusting his hips up and down and gazing into the camera. Lukas turns over on to his stomach and enjoys some ass play. On his back again, he knows the end is near and he’s about to cum, so with a good grip and some firm stroking, he lets go of a big, thick and creamy load across his trimmed pubes and lower abs. He continues to rub his cock and work his foreskin as he catches his breath!

I can not resist the tempation of men’s natural beauty. Lucas Pribyl is that type. Good-looking guy, natural body and smile, nice dick – Without extreme body work. I am eager to see his hardcore. Just hope Badpuppy find a matched scene partner for him, or it’s a big waste.

Watch The Full Video – Lukas Pribyl

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  1. lucas is hot!! like him

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