Sep 172012

Master Paul Fresh tied and pounds Kaja Kolomaz at Str8hell


Kaja Kolomaz is taking a rest from his army exertions, reclining on his bed and trying to sleep. Paul Fresh arrives, complete with loud hailer, and finds him. He rather rudely awakes Kaja by shouting at him. Kaja stands up and is instructed to remove his uniform, which he does, down to his shorts. When Kaja refuses to go and get his hair cut Paul sits him down on a chair, cuffs his hands behind his back and forces a mouth gag into his mouth…


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Sep 032012

cute Kaja Kolomaz pounds handsome Rudy Bodlak at Badpuppy 01


19 year old Rudy Bodlak and 25 year old Kaja Kolomaz, who both come to us from the Czech Republic, sit down to a night of action. They begin kissing and remove their pants, exposing their uncut cocks. Rudy starts off with giving Kaja some well received oral action…


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