Dec 212016

Hot straight guys Tobal, Cody, Tod show off their big feet at Myfriendsfeet


Today, I am glad to bring you three gorgeous straight guys: hot latino muscled stud Tobal, handsome businessman Cody and sexy fitness trainer Tod at Myfriendsfeet. Watch these hot studs show off their chiseled bodies and big feet for your pleasure.

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Sexy latino muscled stud Tobal's size 12 runners and bare feet at Myfriendsfeet


Tall, sexy latino Tobal comes back to show off his size 12 feet in a photo shoot. Tobal not only has big feet, but also has a nice ripped body. Watch Tobal tease us while slowly taking off his socks to bare his perfect size 12’s.

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Handsome businessman Cody's size 12 feet and dress socks at Myfriendsfeet


Cody is the kind of hot boss that you want to work for. Cody is a hot businessman with his handsomce face, sexy tanned body and his size 12.5 feet. I like the smile on Cody’s face as he takes off his black and gold dress socks.

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Handsome fitness trainer Tod's size 13 feet in loafers at Myfriendsfeet


Tod is a hot personal trainer with his rugged handsome look, ripped body and size 13 big feet. Tod is also one of most popular foot models at Myfriendsfeet. I really hope Tod could come back for some foot worship and tickle sessions.

Download The Full Gallery – Hot Personal Trainer Tod’s Size 13 Feet


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  1. Tod is hot as fuck! face, body and big feet… such a perfect man

  2. Tod is no doubt the hottest guy among the three

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