Aug 202016

A Sneak Peek of 3 hot new orgy scenes at Men


3 hot orgy scenes will be coming at next week, starring Paddy O’Brian, Hector De Silva, Darius Ferdynand, Klein Kerr, Aspen, Griffin Barrows, Jaxton Wheeler, Dato Foland, Gabriel Cross, Sunny Colucci and more.

Watch The Full Video – 3 Upcoming Hot Orgies in August, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian & Hector De Silva fucking Darius Ferdynand & Klein Kerr at Jizzorgy


[Aug 25] In “The Weekend Away Part 3”, fans favorite Paddy O’Brian and Hector De Silva will fuck hot muscle jocks Darius Ferdynand and Klein Kerr in a hot foursome.

Watch The Full Video – Paddy and Hector Fuck Darius Ferdynand and Klein Kerr


A Sneak Peek of Aspen & Jaxton Wheeler fucking Brandon Evans, Griffin Barrows & Will Braun at Jizzorgy


[Aug 26] In “What Happens In Vegas Part 4”, Griffin Barrows, Will Braun and Brandon Evans will bottom for Aspen and Jaxton Wheeler in this hot orgy.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Orgy of Aspen, Brandon, Griffin, Jaxton and Will


A Sneak Peek of hot orgy: Sense 8 A Gay XXX Parody Part 5 at Men


[Aug 27] In “Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 5”, it’s a big orgy of 8 hot guys, starring Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland, Gabriel Cross, Hector De Silva, Jay Roberts, Logan Moore, Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci.

Watch The Full Video – Sense 8: A Gay XXX Parody Part 5


  2 Comments to “Men – A Sneak Peek of Hot New Orgies Starring Paddy O’Brian, Hector De Silva, Aspen, Dato Foland and More”

  1. Oh well, MEN has to cater to more tastes than just mine. There’s not a name here that I dislike, but I don’t want them all crammed into a mob like a casserole. When it gets bigger than a threesome, it begins to prove my instinct that too much of a good thing is not as good as just enough. But, for those that love this kind of thing, sure looks like a feast. 🙂 I can hang on till September. Hopefully, my Colby Jansen will show up too; it’s been a while….

    The greater news is that Paddy O’Brian has just done Johnny Rapid, something it seemed would never happen. MEN, of course, titled “5 Years In The Making,” and showed up 8/19. When Rapid finally hangs up the lube, his claim of having ‘had them all’ is not likely to be challenged.

  2. I don’t mind multiple men in a scene, but when it’s just a massive orgy without any theme — I lose interest. I like scene where four guys are lined up to be fucked — one at a time — but when there is fucking going on all over the place — it’s overkill.

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